hey guys,

I'm Kirsten; a photographer based out of North Georgia with an everlasting itch to travel and showcase the beauty of everything around me. I have a Bachelors in Business Administrative Marketing, which has shown me how even with a business, creativity can shine. I'm married to the handsomest of the handsome and one of my biggest supporters. You can usually find us hopping from one antique store to the other, watching Netflix with some takeout, or reading up on ghost stories in every town we visit.

I pride myself on being a laid-back and open-minded creative, so usually no idea is off the table. I want to capture your true-self and your story in the most authentic light.

One thing my father always says is, "Not everyone likes having their pictures taken, but everyone sure does love to look at them!"

It's so true! There's a significant amount of people who believe they're not "worthy" of being in front of a camera or think it's not worth their time. I'm here to change that. You ARE beautiful, your life DOES matter, and I'm ready to capture the memories you'll forever look back on.